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I came across the Trusted Canna Nurse booth at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have been curious about edibles for sleep and anxiety (I quit smoking cigarettes almost 20 years ago and don't want to get back into that in any way, shape or form,) and I had a short conversation with Megan, bought a sampler pack of the Twilight and Chill gummies and the full spectrum THCV mints, and have been a customer ever since. They work very well, I only took half of the Twilight gummy and I was able to fall asleep quickly without feeling like I took a strong drug. I woke up feeling very refreshed, not groggy at all. The THCV Mints are also a nice change from my anxiety medication, I retired recently and don't have the levels of stress that I had so I weaned myself off of the medication I was taking and now only eat a THCV mint every now and then. I am very happy with all their edible products, and thankful for the information I was provided to help me make that final leap, I cannot recommend them enough!

Susie King Avatar Susie King
April 7, 2024

10+ Stars... I can't say enough about Megan and the team at Trusted Canna Nurse; they are nothing short of amazing! Megan is super knowledgeable about cannabis and passionate about helping people. She's more than THC and CBD; she understands all the different compounds, their potential medicinal values, and their effects when paired with other compounds. I highly recommend Trusted Canna Nurse to anyone new and looking for a place to start or anyone who has been unsuccessful in finding relief in a product. She will genuinely guide you to a product by listening and understanding what you are looking for. She helped my Mom find a product and start a regime to keep her breast cancer in remission, improve her quality of sleep, and control inflammation in her joints that was impacting her ability to do daily activities. I am very thankful for Megan <3

Lorelei Caudill Avatar Lorelei Caudill
April 7, 2024

I started using tinctures for persistent sleep issues after years of trying over the counter aids that were either unsuccessfulor left me too groggy during the day. Not being able to sleep for than 3 or 4 hours a night for years meant I had to re-train myself how to sleep. Trusted Canna Nurse found a combination of natural tinctures that enabled me to do exactly that--sleep longer and more sound and not wake up feeling foggy. I also recently underwent an eye surgery and was told by the surgeon that Tylenol and Ibuprofen would be enough to remedy the pain. I unexpectedly had to return to remote work a day after the surgery which caused severe eye strain. My pain went from a 2 to an 8 and was persistently holding at an 8 for more than 24 hours. Instead of asking for something stronger from the surgeon, I used a 1700 MG tincture for pain from Trusted Canna Nurse. Within 20 mins I had no pain. None! I used that tincture for several nights to ensure pain-free rest which in turn allowed me to have extremely productive work output throughoutthe days that followed. At my one month post op appointment, the surgeon noted that I healed faster than she expected. I'm not saying the tincture healed my eye but it did help me lead a pain-free existence without harmful and addicitve pain medication and afforded me the solid rest I needed to ensure my body did its job. I cannot recommend this amazing company enough. Even if you're skeptical, just reach out to explain your issue and see what they recommend.

Constance Nyers Avatar Constance Nyers
April 6, 2024

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Trusted Canna BLOG

Get educational insights on plant medicine

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