Who We Are

Megan and Kathy are two bachelor’s prepared registered nurses with over fifty years of combined nursing experience across the spectrum of health care. They use a modern approach to traditional medicine and want to treat patients as people first and not diseases. They’re excited to share how this safe and effective plant can help improve your life and your patient’s life.

Megan Mbengue

When Megan’s hospice patients started asking about medicinal cannabis, she realized there are very few medical professionals who know much about cannabis and how it works in the body, much less how to navigate a dispensary and all of the hundreds of products out there. She saw a need for someone with a nursing background to help people, especially elderly, see the benefits of cannabis and incorporate it into their care. Megan most recently worked as a home hospice case manager in Claremont, CA, where she helped many use cannabis with great results in managing their symptoms.

Prior to hospice, Megan was a labor & delivery travel nurse in Southern California, working at various hospitals in the area. Before moving to SoCal, she worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where she started her nursing career in both Labor and Delivery and Oncology. Megan received her BSN from Arizona State University in 2012 and is nationally certified in Oncology, Labor & Delivery, and Hospice & Palliative Care.

Megan has done various programs, conferences, and webinars on medical cannabis and is currently working towards her Masters in Medical Cannabis. Megan is excellent at using her diverse nursing background to connect with patients on a personal level and uses her expertise to bring them the best possible care. She is great at breaking down complex concepts into easy to understand bits of information for patients, families, and health care workers.


Hospice & Palliative Care Certification (CHPN)

Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)

Healer Medical Cannabis Certification

Conference Attendance:

CannMed 2022, Pasadena

Cannabis Science West 2022, Long Beach

Patients Out Of Time 2022, Kansas City

Cannabis Nurses Network 2022, San Diego

American Cannabis Nurses Network Member

Currently enrolled in Masters of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics (MSMCT) through Pacific College

Cannabis Nurses Network Member


Healer Medical Cannabis Certification

American Cannabis Nurses Association Member

Cannabis Nurses Network Memeber

Conference Attendance:

Patients Out Of Time 2022, Kansas City

Cannabis Nurses Network 2022, San Diego

Kathy Simmons

Kathy was a nurse for 40 years and is coming out of retirement with a new found love of cannabis nursing, something that wasn’t available as a career until now. Prior to retirement, Kathy was a clinical trial educator, where she traveled the country and educated nurses, providers, and patients on phase 3 clinical trials for IQVIA. Before that, Kathy had numerous cardiac rehab roles in the healthcare system in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, from cardiac rehab to various nursing management roles. Kathy graduated with her BSN from UW Madison in 1980.

Kathy recently moved from Bend, OR to Rancho Cucamonga, CA. She has experienced first hand the healing effects of cannabis and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with elderly patients new to the confusing world of cannabis. Kathy is an excellent teacher with compassion, empathy, and patience. She’s looking forward to bridging the gap between seniors and the world of cannabis.

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Quality Care

Nurses have over 50 combined years of nursing experience with a broad range of medical cannabis education.

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We get to know you and walk with you through your cannabis journey.

Practical Information

We’ll teach digestible, relevant, and evidence-based information for patients, staff, and health care providers.

Break the Stigma

Learn how plant-based cannabinoids work with the body’s own endocannabinoid system.

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