Conscious Healing Beta Group

Let’s work together to shift your relationship to cannabis


This is a beta group (meaning we’re testing it) to see if microdosing, in combination with group support, supplements, and a mini dose can help those who struggle with their relationship with cannabis. We are only accepting 8 people at this time, and all participants must meet all requirements before booking a discovery call to apply.

We are intending to collect data and possibly present findings at conferences in 2024, as well as host larger groups in the future.

Program Details

  • 6-week program
  • Weekly meetings via zoom
  • Schedule:
    • Week 1: Prepping for your tolerance break with supplements, tools, and microdoses.
    • Week 2: We all start a tolerance break together and meet on days 1, 2, and 3 of the break
    • Week 3: Continued tolerance break and microdosing support.
    • Week 4: Continued support and preparation for a mini dose.
    • Week 5: Mini dose held on Saturday, integration meeting on Monday
    • Week 6: Conscious cannabis session where we break from our tolerance break together in a conscious way
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Who is this for?

We’re testing this program on those who:

  • Want to cut their cannabis use
  • Use daily and are open to taking a tolerance break with support
  • Find their cannabis use is no longer supportive
  • Have tried cutting down use in past without success
  • Want to learn how to use consciously, efficiently, and spend less

Schedule-all meetings required

  • October 9th 4-5pm, PST: T-break prep and microdosing start
  • October 16th 4-5pm, PST: T-break day 1
  • October 17th, 4-5pm, PST: T-break day 2
  • October 18th, 4-5pm PST: T-break day 3
  • October 23rd 4-5pm, PST: Continued T-break support and integration
  • October 30th 4-5pm, PST: mini dose prep
  •  November 4th Mini dose 3-4 hours, time TBD
  • November 6th 4-5pm, PST mini dose follow up and integration
  • November 13th 4-5pm, PST Final meeting, conscious cannabis consumption as group
  • Optional open support hours will be held each week.


We are asking a small investment of $399/person for this Beta Group. If successful, future groups will cost more.

What’s included:

  • 45-min onboarding call with Director of Patient Care Services, Ariane Williams
  • Microdosing supplements and Mini dose supplements ($100 value).
  • Virtually guided mini dose session ($249 value)
  • Other supportive supplements to help regulate your nervous system ($90 value).
  • Trusted Canna Nurse CBG Formulation “Ease” ($79 value).
  • Whatsapp group messaging support.
  • 6 weeks of ongoing support from Trusted Canna Nurse team of trained cannabis and psychedelic specialists and peers (invaluable!)


  • All participants must be able to attend all meetings.
  • Ideal participants struggle with daily cannabis use, are likely consuming hundreds of milligrams of THC per day, and are READY to do the work to shift their relationship.
  • Participants will make investment up front. Investment is non-refundable.
  • Mini dose is a 3-4hr time commitment where you will want to be away from all distractions and have another adult present in the house who is not participating.
  • Age is 18+
  • Disclose relevant medical history, including medications, cannabis use, sign NDA and waiver.
  • Be willing to follow up at 1, 2, and 3 months, and possibly more in the future.
  • Results may be published, but identity will remain anonymous. 

How to Apply

If you are interested and can meet all requirements, we invite you to book a free discovery call, where we’ll discuss in more detail and determine if you’re a good fit. We are only enrolling 8 people to the program at this time.

Not a Good Match?

If you’re still interested in microdosing but can’t make the commitment of this program, we invite you book a free discovery call to discuss our different microdosing programs and if they would be right for you. 

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