Take a deep dive into your mind and body with this transformational cannabis experience.

Who could benefit from a Cannavasana Experience?

This experience is for those who:

  • Are new to psychedelics but not quite ready to make the leap
  • are wanting deeper insight on things going on with them and in their lives
  • have felt stuck with other therapies and are looking to gain new perspectives
  • have had challenging experiences in the past and would like a supported reintroduction
  • suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, PTSD, or are feeling stuck in life


What is Cannavasana?

Cannavasana is cannabis-assisted somatic therapy that combines the use of cannabis with body-centered healing practices.

This technique aims to help individuals access deeper states of relaxation and awareness, allowing them to connect with their bodies and release stored traumas or emotions. 

We help guide you through various mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and gentle movements to help you settle into a state of calm and introspection while under the influence of cannabis. 

By combining cannabis with somatic therapy, you can experience a heightened sense of physical and emotional release, leading to greater self-awareness and healing. 

Cannavasana offers a unique approach to mental and emotional wellness that can help you address deep-seated issues they may not be able to access through traditional talk therapy alone.

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How Does It Work?

A cannavasana experience starts with a discovery call to see if the experience is right for you.

If the experience is right for you, you will then book an on-boarding call to explore goals, set intentions, and discuss integration.

Next, you will have your 3-4 hour guided transformational cannabis experience which happens virtually from the comfort of your own home.

48 hours after your life-changing experience, you will have a post-integration call to debrief and reflect, followed by 30 days of email support.

Cannabis is not included, but we offer guidance to help you source the appropriate products for this experience.

I had a difficult relationship with cannabis. I knew that the plant is powerful and can open me up almost like any psychedelic, yet I was too uncomfortable with it....I released stagnant emotions, unraveled inner knots and fell asleep lighter. My relationship with cannabis has changed.
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Amy Fox
Cannavasana patient
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