CBD Dosage: How Much to Take & Accurately Measure

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More and more people are turning to CBD to treat a variety of different issues. However, many of these same people are unsure how much CBD to take. Knowing this and knowing how to measure the dosage accurately is something everyone taking CBD should know. 

So, how do you determine these things? Keep reading to find out this information and improve your approach to CBD. 

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Benefits of CBD

CBD has a variety of different benefits. Some of these are focused on mental health and well-being. Others directly relate to physical ailments. 

Mental benefits are varied and impact different people in different ways. However, studies have shown that CBD can be used to help with pain, anxiety, depression, and overall well-being. 

CBD does all of this without producing a high. This means that users can take it without worrying about it causing impairment or intoxication. 

Because of its benefits, CBD is available in different formats. It can be ingested through pills, gummies, or oils. However, it can also be applied topically through lotions or CBD creams

Determining CBD Dosage

Taking CBD will vary from person to person. This is because everyone is built differently; thus, medicines and supplements impact everyone differently. 

There are a few specific factors at play here that have the biggest impact. These include body weight, the intended effect of the treatment, the concentration of CBD being taken, and the overall chemistry of the individual. Some of these give you an idea of how much to take. 

For example, a smaller person should probably take a smaller dose because it is likely to have a larger impact on them. However, other factors are hard to determine. For example, measuring the exact nature of a person’s body chemistry and whether their body will need more or less CBD is hard. 

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Because of this, determining dosage is a process. Start by reaching out to a medical professional and see what they recommend for you. This will be your best source of information and the only way to verify if what you are doing is definitely safe. It is also the best way to see if CBD will interfere with any other medications you are taking. 

In addition, check the CBD products you are looking at using and see what kind of dosage they recommend. Some companies even offer individualized patient support for individuals who are trying to discover what type of CBD treatment course they should take. 

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Once you have an idea of how much to take, make sure to start small. Start with the lowest recommendation first and see how it affects you. After a week, if it feels like you need more, you can try to increase your dosage. If another week passes and it still feels like you need more, do the same thing. Continue with this process until you discover the amount that works for you. 

Once you have found a dosage that works for you, you can adjust it as you see fit. If you are using it for pain and have a particularly painful week, you can increase the dosage to deal with the pain during that time. Then, if your pain subsides, you can lower the dosage back to what you were taking before. 

The type of CBD you take also matters. CBD isolates are not very effective and require higher doses. This is because there are no other plant compounds, like other cannabinoids, flavenoids, and terpenes. Whole plant CBD is more effective at a lower dose, saving you money. Read about whole plant CBD here.

Calculating CBD

Every product contains a different level of CBD. Two CBD soft gels may look exactly the same but contain entirely different concentrations of CBD. This is why you need to calculate how much you are taking every time you take it. 

Check the label of whatever form of CBD you are taking. Most labels will tell you how much CBD is in each dose and will tell how much each dose is. Be careful to pay close attention to the exact wording that is used. 

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For example, one CBD soft gel brand may state that it contains 30 mg of CBD in each dose and that each dose consists of one capsule. Meanwhile, another CBD soft gel brand may state that it also contains 30 mg of CBD in each dose, but this one may state that each dose consists of two capsules. This means that each capsule in the first product has 30 mg of CBD, while each capsule in the second product has only 15mg. Paying close attention will ensure you get the right dosage. 

In some cases, the product will not state the exact level of CBD in each dose but will say how much CBD is in the entire container. In these cases, start by reaching out to the company to see if they have more information. If they do not, you will have to measure the number of doses in the container and then divide the total level of CBD by that number. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD? 

Like almost every medicine or supplement, you absolutely can take too much CBD. However, it takes quite a bit of CBD to be too much. 

One study estimated that it would require 20,000mg of CBD taken at once to cause an overdose, and even this amount does not appear to be lethal. Since most people only take less than 50 mg of CBD per day, taking 20,000 mg would be going extremely far above what is normal. Despite this, it is still important to contact emergency services if you even suspect an overdose. 

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A moderately large amount of CBD can also be problematic. Continuously taking large quantities of CBD can cause fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and weight. This is why it is important to start with smaller doses. 

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The Right Level of CBD for You

CBD has the potential to change your life in a positive way. However, it is important to stay safe while using it. Always be aware of the amount you are taking, and start with smaller doses first. Being safe in this way will allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without putting your health at risk. 
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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN

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