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The few dispensaries who have worked with nurses have seen significant increases in revenue. Nurses are the most trusted profession in the United States. Who better to bridge the gap between cannabis and the public than a cannabis nurse specialist? 

Dispensary Nurses in the Media

cannabis nurse in a dispensary

"Increased our revenue by 300%"

A New Mexico dispensary hired nurses and had an increase in revenue, referrals, and customers.

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"Trained Nurses Can be a Critical Asset to Your Dispensary"

Cannabis nurse and author of “Healing with CBD,” Eileen Konieczny, talks about the importance of working with a nurse.

Dispensary Nurse Services

We recognize the challenges budtenders face in helping customers with medical questions.

Budtenders are vital to teaching and advising customers appropriately, so they have a positive experience and keep coming back!

Imagine the extra traffic when you announce a partnership with a cannabis nurse specialist.

Staff Education

Either online or in person, we offer inservices on specific topics or generalized education.


We can be on site at your dispensary, offering blocks of time to answer questions for customers and staff, and to drive traffic.

Reciprocal Referrals

We're thrilled to send our patients to dispensaries focused on education! We can be the referral source for your complex patients (like cancer or pediatrics) that might be beyond the scope of your budtenders.

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