Private Patient Consultations

Work One on One with a Cannabis Nurse

Choose a package to fit your budget and your needs

Basic Telehealth: Phone or Chat

For the budget-conscious and those with simple questions, this package is best for people who only want product recommendations. Talk or chat 1 on 1 with a cannabis nurse, get recommendations, and get access to further support.

*This package does not include medication interaction checks*

Cannabis nurse consultation basic telehealth
Cannabis nurse consultation bronze package

Bronze Package

For those with slightly more complex issues and questions. Best for those with chronic illness who need medication interaction checks. In addition to product recommendations, your nurse will explore ways to enhance your endocannabinoid system and improve your quality of life with lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements. 


Silver Consultation Package

For those with significant chronic illness, multiple medications, and wanting to dig deep and do real healing work with multiple sessions with your nurse over the course of about 2 months.


Cannabis nurse consultation gold package
Gold cannabis nurse consultation package

Gold Consultation Package

This package is for those with the most severe illnesses, including cancer. We do not make claims of curing cancer, but studies show that cannabis can help chemotherapy to work better for some cancers. This is also for those with severe chronic illness, wanting to turn their life around.

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