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Each gummy contains:

  • 6mg THC
  • 30mg CBD
  • 2.7mg CBG
  • 2.4mg CBC

With Terpenes:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Humulene
  • Bisabolol

Our patients love this gummy for:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Long-acting pain tool
  • Muscle Spasms


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Is this real THC?

Yes! These gummies come from a hemp plant but are NOT synthetic like other delta-9 products. The THC is the same molecule found in dispensary gummies. These are extracted from the plant using Terpex extraction method.


    • Experience the entourage effect with THC, CBD, and micro doses of other cannabinoids!
    • Vegan & Gluten-free
    • Organic ingredients
    • USA-grown Hemp and Non-GMO
    • Federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
    • Takes 1-2 hours to kick in, and effects last 8-12 hours

What’s with the Alligator?

Cannabisque is a science-based labeling system that analyzes the product compounds from the certificate of analysis (COA) test results for potential medicinal value, as well as mental health and well being.

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Delta-9 Gummies 6mg THC + 30mg CBD | Twilight

  1. Anne (verified owner)

    These are great for helping me drift off to sleep at night. I love them.

  2. Vanessa Wise (verified owner)

    I had an injury to my ankle that required surgery last year. I had to use crutches and a boot to stabilize the ankle. My ankle stopped hurting, but it kept giving out on me. One day when I was going down a flight of stairs, my ankle gave out and I hit the concrete floor and further injured the ankle even worse – so surgery was required. After surgery I was given 3 different pain medications. However from using the boot and crutches for so long, I had tremendous pain in my back, hip and thigh, which kept me up most of the night. My doctor wouldn’t give me any more pain meds. I was eating ibuprofen and tylenol like candy to deal with it. I even tried other brands of CBD gummies and gummies from a smoke shop that really didn’t help. My daughter told me about Trusted Canna Nurse products…and even called your number to get more info on the benefits of CBD products. She told me she was advised that for my situation, the Trusted Canna Nurse product – Delta-9 Gummies 6mg THC + 30mg CBD | Twilight would be most beneficial to me considering what my issues were.
    I must say, I was VERY skeptical because of the other products I had tried. However, the Trusted Canna Nurse product Delta-9 Gummies 6mg THC + 30mg CBD | Twilight did exactly what it was supposed to! Now, I can sleep better without pain, even if I sometimes have more than usual pain due to having gone shopping etc., I only have to take ONE over the counter ibuprofen or tylenol when I get home and at bedtime I can take the Trusted Canna Nurse Delta-9 Gummies 6mg THC + 30mg CBD | Twilight formula and I can sleep through the night practically pain free! I would recommend this formula to anyone that has sleeping issues due to muscle soreness. This works for me, and I have ordered this formula again. Thanks for starting the Trusted Canna Nurse business, I will try other products without the THC for daytime. May you have great success. I am forever grateful!♥

  3. Janice Hoffmann

    These gummies are medicine: definable and predictable. Yes, many take them for sleep, but I take them as an alt to SSRIs. Try these if you have Focus issues. They help me focus.

  4. Lauren (verified owner)

    Yes to sleep! As a 60-year-old woman, there have been many restless nights where I just tossed and turned. I met Megan at a conference and decided to try something to help my sleep. I purchased a sample pack and tried 1/2 a gummy. When I woke up the following day I realized I had slept through the night! What a wonderful feeling.
    I do not take the gummies every night, as sometimes I can tell I do not need them. But, just to know I have something that helps, is a great feeling!
    Thank you MEGAN!!

  5. Paul Glasgow

    For years I have tried various companies either start ups and ones that have been going for years and years, by far the quality and stand of the product here has really made me stick with yous and will do as long as the quality stays the same or gets better. I can’t rave about your products enough as to how it’s changed my inner self to be more relaxed focused on my daily tasks and work load doesn’t feel like a work load any longer , I’m very lucky to have a company like ours to now be my support system, all I can say is a Huge thank you you are amazing 🤩

  6. Laura Burt

    These gummies really work as a sleep aid. I usually take 1/2 to get to sleep and the other half when I wake up in the
    middle of the night. I really appreciate Megan’s consultation in the beginning to work with me to find the correct product and dosage amount. I also appreciate her delivery service which is generally the next day after ordering, since I’m local.

  7. thaimama (verified owner)

    Thank you CannaNurse for your dedication and research! Thank you for making your products available to everyone! Y’all, subscribe for your monthly pick me up package! Seriously LOVE this company!!!!

  8. Adrina Moreno (verified owner)

    I’ve finally found pain relief. Nerve and muscle pain, back pain, tender spots and so on. My pain meds do not always work, especially during flare-ups and so I was very happy to have found a product to quite the pain so I can function. The pain/sleep gummies worked for me, I am pain free and yes, mellow, so it helps calm my overworked brain. I take 3 only once a day as needed. I’ve set up auto delivery because I never want to be out of them. Oh and their delivery is fast – I’m in California but still, it’s nice that it arrives so quickly.

  9. Angela Alvarez (verified owner)

    I had a craniotomy it helps with stress, headaches and sleep. It helps my husband with twitching while asleep. Overall it has helped both of us get good nights sleep. Found this product at the abilities convention in Los Angeles.

  10. Jess R (verified owner)

    Initially tried for stress, and I cannot believe the improvement in sleep and daily back pain. The subscription option is a really nice option to always have on hand and not have to remember to reorder.

  11. Ryan (verified owner)

    I have suffered from sleep issues for years: I can fall asleep easily but *staying* asleep is difficult, as is getting back to sleep after waking. Megan suggested I try these Twilight gummies and they have completely shifted my sleep experience. Now, most nights, I sleep relatively undisturbed and, when I do wake up, I tend to just fall back to sleep. This is a life changer for me and typically all I need is 1/2 of one of these gummies. They work so well for me, in fact, that I have given samples from my own supply to my friends and family with sleep issues. Gummy by gummy, Megan is giving sleep back to me and my loved ones! HIGHLY recommend this product.

  12. Karen Weed

    I replaced the sleep gummies I had been using with this product and now feel so much better in the morning! I get a good night’s sleep, usually without interruption, with no “slow start” to the day. Great product!

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