Conscious Cannabis Program


Take Back Control of Your Cannabis Use

This 45-day program is for those who:

  • Are dependent on Cannabis or who wish to change their relationship with it
  • Desire understanding how to use cannabis in a more functional way
  • Struggle with tolerance breaks
  • Desire to save money and use the plant optimally for health and wellness goals
  • Suffering from CHS or showing early signs, such as early morning nausea, heartburn or other GI upset, or general unwellness
  • Are no longer getting relief from cannabis

This Program Includes:

  • Up to 90-min in-depth onboarding call to get a full health and cannabis use assessment
  • Comprehensive education and coaching to get through your first days of your tolerance breaks
  • Personal accountability and support
  • Customized plan to with support your success with lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations
  • Education on supporting your endocannabinoid system through the withdrawal period
  • 15-min call on day the first day of your tolerance break with extended text support through your break
  • Weekly emails with new rituals for conscious cannabis use
  • Additional 15-minute call to be used at any point during the program
  • Extended text and email support through the program

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