Consultation with a Cannabis Nurse Expert

This Consultation Includes:
  • One 50-minute consultation with a cannabis nurse to look at your whole health picture and find the best way to use cannabis and CBD.
  • Recommendations to optimize your endocannabinoid system with nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle choices.
  • Medication interaction check by our board-certified pharmacist.
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Cannabis/CBD product recommendations.
  • 25% off your product purchase

Consultation is virtual or in person if within 30 minutes of Claremont, CA

Link to book will be provided in confirmation email.


Let us help you!

Consults are best for:
  • Complicated Health Issues
  • Pediatrics
  • Cancer
  • Decreasing Cannabis Use
  • Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)
  • Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)
  • End of Life/Hospice


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