Conscious Healing Tolerance Break Group

Let’s work together to shift your relationship to cannabis.

“This was so much more than a tolerance break group.” -Betagroup members


This is a conscious healing group for those who struggle with their relationship with cannabis and wish to shift it into one of less dependence. We use multiple interventions, including microdosing, weekly meetings, a virtually-guided mini dose, a group chat, and more.

Our initial betagroup was a huge success, and we’re excited to offer this opportunity to 20 people, starting February 5th!

“I used to vape all day. Now I only use occasional flower or an edible. I can travel and not worry about how I’m going to use, and my anxiety is significantly lower. This has changed my life.” -Betagroup member

Program Details

• 6-week program (NOT as 6-week T-Break)
• Weekly meetings via zoom
• Schedule:

  • Week 1: Prepping for your tolerance break with supplements, tools, and microdoses.
  • Week 2: We all start a tolerance break together and meet on days 1, 2, and 3 of the break
  • Week 3: Continued tolerance break and microdosing support and prepare for the mini dose.
  • Week 4: Mini dose held over the weekend, integration support during the week.
  • Week 5: Continued integration support and discuss bringing cannabis back into your life.
  • Week 6: Conscious cannabis session where we consume together and say our good-byes.
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Who is this for?

This program is for those who:

  • Want to cut their cannabis use
  • Use daily and are open to taking a tolerance break with support
  • Find their cannabis use is no longer supportive
  • Have tried cutting down use in past without success
  • Want to learn how to use consciously, efficiently, and spend less
  • Use concentrates continuously to numb out desire to learn other tools.

“I realized it wasn’t the addiction, it was what’s going on between my ears. It’s allowed me to sit with my emotions instead of numbing out. The mushrooms pushed me into the best version of myself.” -Betagroup Member

We’re excited to offer 2 separate small group options

Everyone will meet the following times, with breakout rooms for your specific group:

• February 5th 4-5:30pm, PST: First full group meeting with breakout rooms for introductions and T-break prep.
• February 11th 2-3:30pm, PST: Full group T-Break Day 1
• February 12th 4-5:30pm, PST: Full group T-Break Day 2
• February 13th 4-5pm, PST: Full group T-Break Day 3

Group 1 Meeting Schedule

  • February 19th, 5-6:30pm, PST: Continued T-Break Support, Mini Dose Prep
  • February 24th 9am-noon, PST: Mini Dose Session
  • February 26th 5-6:30pm, PST: Mini Dose reflection and integration
  • March 4th 5-6:30pm, PST: Continued support, integration, and discuss using cannabis again
  • March 11th, 5-6:30pm, PST: Final call and conscious consumption as a group
Group 1 Facilitator: Jamie

Jamie is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in various fields, including cannabis, psychedelics, and ketamine. She has a passion for empowering others to find their light and shine it, helping numerous clients find their own paths with the power of earth medicines. Jamie also graduated from the first betagroup program and is thrilled to guide more people through this life changing experience.

Group 2 Meeting Schedule

  • February 20th, 9-10:30am, PST: Continued T-Break Support, Mini Dose Prep
  • February 24th 9am-noon, PST: Mini Dose Session
  • February 27th 9-10:30am, PST: Mini Dose reflection and integration
  • March 5th 9-10:30am, PST: Continued support, integration, and discuss using cannabis again
  • March 12th, 9-10:30am, PST: Final call and conscious consumption as a group
Group 2 Facilitator: Daysmel (Dice)

Dice is a psychedelic-informed coach, educator, and musician in Portland, OR with over 15 years of experience. He has worked with side by side with Ariane in retreat spaces and is deeply committed to fostering environments where ease, authenticity, and creative expression reign supreme.

Investment: $499

What’s included:

  • 30-45min onboarding call with Director of Patient Care Services, Ariane Williams and your group leader.
  • Microdosing supplements and Mini dose supplements ($100 value)
  • Microdosing Journal and Cannabis Tracking Journal ($20 value)
  • Virtually guided mini dose session ($249 value)
  • Group Chat support (rated most valuable in our beta testers)
  • 6 weeks of ongoing support from Trusted Canna Nurse team of trained cannabis and microdosing specialists and peers (invaluable!)

Pictured above is the cannabis use patterns before and after the group program in our Betagroup.


All participants must be able to attend all meetings for their assigned group.

Ideal participants struggle with daily cannabis use, are likely consuming hundreds of milligrams of THC per day, and are READY to do the work to shift their relationship.

Participants will make at least a down payment up front to reserve your place. Investment is non-refundable.

Mini dose is a 3-4hr time commitment where you will want to be away from all distractions and have another adult present in the house who is not participating.

Age is 18+

Disclose relevant medical history, including medications, cannabis use, sign NDA and waiver.

Be willing to follow up at 1, 2, and 3 months, and possibly more in the future.

Results may be published, but identity will remain anonymous. 

We require respect and support of group members’ chosen gender expression and pronouns. Purposefully misgendering individuals will result in immediate dismissal without refund.

How to Apply

If you are interested and can meet all requirements, we invite you to book a free discovery call, where we’ll discuss in more detail and determine if you’re a good fit. We are only enrolling 8 people to the program at this time.

Not a Good Match?

If you’re still interested in microdosing but can’t make the commitment of this program, we invite you book a free discovery call to discuss our different microdosing programs and if they would be right for you. 

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