THC-V: Everything You Need to Know About “Diet Weed”

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Long-time fans of THC products are excited about the potential benefits THC-V offers. THC-V, which stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a type of cannabinoid that’s naturally occurring in small quantities in cannabis plants. 

It’s already been proven that certain strains of marijuana can improve symptoms of mental health illnesses, MS, chronic pain, and more. Different cannabinoids affect people in various ways and have several health benefits.

CBD is excellent for chronic pain, THC helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and THC-V is believed to help suppress your appetite. Let’s explore this newly popular cannabinoid in more detail.

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Does THC-V Get You High?

The interesting thing about THC-V is that it doesn’t usually produce the psychoactive effects that lead to a user feeling high. You would have to consume very high quantities of THC-V to experience a high. In small amounts, this cannabinoid isn’t likely to induce the feelings of euphoria and relaxation that are commonly associated with a THC high. This is known as a biphasic effect.

The biphasic effect is common with most cannabinoids and it describes a situation where the compounds produce different effects based on the amount consumed.

Although it is considered a minor cannabinoid, it is important to note that THCV is present in large quantities in some cannabis strains like the Malawi Gold and other African landraces.

What Are The Benefits Of THC-V?

Not enough research has been done on THC-V by itself. However, some research has been done, and there are some potential benefits to consuming products containing THC-V. 

Let’s discuss some of the benefits THC-V provides.

Reduced Appetite

THC-V has been described as “diet weed” or “weederall” (in reference to its energizing effect, some describe it as being similar to Adderall) because of its effect on a person’s appetite. This isn’t a new discovery, but it has become more popularized as more states legalize the sale of marijuana products and more people become aware of different cannabinoids.

A 2009 study conducted on mice showed that THC-V has the potential to block CB1 receptors. CB1 receptors are known to stimulate appetite, and when THC-V was used to block these receptors in this study, it led to steady weight loss and reduced food intake in mice.

The theory is that THC-V has the same effect on humans. By blocking your CB1 receptors, you’ll feel less inclined to eat and therefore be able to lose weight easier. Other studies have also indicated that this cannabinoid might reduce glucose intolerance related to obesity, which could also aid in weight loss.

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Reduced Feelings Of Intoxication

Many people who have used THC-V alongside more intoxicating cannabinoids have reported feeling less of the psychoactive effects. A study from 2015 shows the potential THC-V has to reduce feelings of rapid heartbeat, verbal recall issues, and overall feelings of psychoactive intoxication.

This is an interesting observation, and it raises many other questions about the abilities of THC-V when used with other psychoactive substances. One such question is: can this compound negate the psychoactive effects of other substances? Researchers need to test this cannabinoid more thoroughly to answer such questions.

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Improve Symptoms Of Physical Illnesses

Along with the benefits of reducing appetite and feelings of intoxication, THC-V has been shown to have the potential to improve symptoms of several physical illnesses. In some instances, the improvement of symptoms is due to a combination of THC-V and CBD or other cannabinoids, but it’s clear that THC-V plays a role in improving specific symptoms. 

Here are some of the physical illnesses THC-V is purported to have a positive effect on:

  • Parkinson’s Disease: THC-V has been shown to improve hand-eye coordination in animals with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s also been shown to improve motor symptoms (resting tremor, rigidity, and posture) and some non-motor symptoms (sleep and pain).
  • Bacterial Inflammation: THC-V was shown to suppress bacterial inflammation, according to a report from 2016
  • Acne: Also reported in 2016, THC-V’s anti-inflammatory properties show its potential to reduce and improve acne. 
  • Fatty Liver Disease: Studies performed on zebrafish and obese mice indicate that THC-V can reduce accumulated lipid levels, which can help improve fatty liver disease. 
  • Pain: THC-V’s ability to reduce inflammation also has the potential to improve pain, where inflammation is one of the primary causes.
  • Epilepsy: Studies done on adult rats show that THC-V has the potential to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures.

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Improve Symptoms Of Mental Illnesses

Many forms of cannabinoids have been shown to improve symptoms of mental illnesses, most notably anxiety, depression, and PTSD. THC-V is shown to have a positive effect on certain mental illnesses as well. 

Here are some of the mental illnesses THC-V has a positive effect on:

  • Psychosis: While many people who have taken THC-V report that it has an anti-intoxicating effect when taken with other intoxicating compounds, THC-V also has an anti-psychosis effect.
  • Anxiety: THC-V, when isolated, doesn’t produce a high the same way Delta 9 (THC) does. It seems to have a positive impact on reducing the feelings of rapid heartbeat, which could help ease anxiety symptoms.
  • Depression: Many people report feeling a low energizing effect from THC-V, which could help improve symptoms of depression.
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How To Know THC-V Is Safe? 

If you’re planning on trying THC-V products, you’ll want to ensure the products you receive come from a reliable source. THC-V is not THC, so many places ship it nationwide.

You’ll want to go through a certified distributor because they have processes to ensure its quality and accurately identify the cannabinoids in the products they sell. You can also speak with a budtender or work with a cannabis nurse to find the right product and dosage for your situation.

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Start Your THC-V Journey With A Cannabis Nurse

Trying a new medication of any kind is daunting. Working with a cannabis nurse will ensure your needs are being met properly, and they can help guide you to the right products. Budtenders are also excellent people to work with when looking for the best products containing THC-V!
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