Group Support!

Share your journey and learn from others.

cannabis nurse group consultations

Join and learn from others in small group sessions

Small group sessions are limited to 10 people, where you can ask your questions to a cannabis nurse, hear others’ stories, and learn from them.

We DO NOT address medication interactions in these sessions. We split them into groups according to gender to increase comfort around sharing personal information.

Each group session package includes:

  • 60-minute group session
  • $15 off your CBD purchase
  • Private Facebook group support

Cost $19.95

Choose from 3 different session types!

Our goal is to be gender-inclusive and give everyone a safe space to share. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns!

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Women's Group

Safe space for those who identify as a woman or non-binary.

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Men's Group

Safe space for mean wanting to share with and learn from other men.

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Everybody Group

Safe space for everyone to share and learn.

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