Trusted Canna Nurse: Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Cannabis

Article Published and Written by Luka Stankovic @ Mystic Mag

Meet Megan Mbengue and Ariane Williams, dedicated hospice nurses who embarked on transformative journeys to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and the world of cannabis and psychedelics. Co-founders of Trusted Cana Nurse, their platform harmoniously integrates cannabis microdosing, psychedelic integration, and nurse-led care. Join Mystic Mag as we explore their motivations, innovations, and profound impact on the future of healthcare and wellness.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind starting Trusted Cana Nurse and what motivated you to create the platform that combines cannabis microdosing and nurse-led care?

I was working as a hospice nurse, and I had patients who were suffering despite being on multiple medications, particularly a patient with seizures on several seizure medications. I heard about the potential of cannabis and CBD but had no guidance. This led me to seek education in both cannabis and medicine. We started Trusted Cana Nurse a year and a half ago to guide patients on the appropriate use of cannabis.

How do nurses play a crucial role in formulating these products, and what advantages does this bring to your clients?

We started our product line to recommend quality products after finding a lack of such options in the market. Nurse involvement is beneficial because we understand the endocannabinoid system, how cannabis affects the body and the various formulations and administration methods. We’re committed to providing quality products and not just profiting from the CBD market.

Your website mentions psychedelic integration. Could you explain what this service entails and how it fits into the broader scope of your platform’s offerings?

We introduced microdosing services to help patients with trauma and PTSD. Psychedelic integration involves using plant medicine or psychedelics like psilocybin and cannabis for introspection, relaxation, and clarity. It’s a therapeutic tool that aids people in exploring their thoughts and emotions, often with mindfulness practices and therapy. It’s especially helpful for anxiety, depression, and personal growth.

Can you share a specific success story that illustrates the impact of Trusted Cana Nurse on someone’s life?

We had a client who was suffering, using antidepressants and had reached a breaking point. She found us online and, initially skeptical, felt heard and supported by our team. We worked with her on CBD, mindfulness practices, and later, psilocybin microdosing. After six weeks, she no longer felt suicidal, regained hope, and experienced positive changes in her emotions, thoughts, and overall well-being.

Could you elaborate on the Cannavasana experience in the conscious cannabis program? What do these services entail, and who can benefit from them?

Cannavasana involves using cannabis for introspection, exploration, and expansion. It’s a therapeutic tool similar to psilocybin use. It helps individuals with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or those seeking deep introspection. We guide them in using cannabis for mindfulness and self-awareness, often uncovering positive experiences on the other side of anxiety.

With the evolving legal and cultural landscape surrounding cannabis and psychedelics, how do you see the future of Trusted Cana Nurse and what role do you envision your platform playing in this changing environment?

The recent recognition of cannabis nursing as an official specialty by the American Association signifies a bridge between the cannabis and healthcare industries. We are sought to educate healthcare providers and guide patients. We anticipate more individuals turning to cannabis for symptom management, which may lead to issues like cannabis use disorder. We’re focusing on building a team to address these challenges and help patients with various needs. Our aim is to bring plant medicine into the mainstream and provide guidance in an evolving landscape.

Last Updated on November 21, 2023 by Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN

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