Intentional Use & Tolerance Break Masterclass


Need a Tolerance Break?

Need to shift your relationship with cannabis?

In this recorded masterclass, we cover:

  • Importance of tolerance breaks
  • When and why to take a break
  • The Science behind it
  • Getting through tolerance breaks
  • Resetting your system
  • Supportive Supplements, herbs, foods, and activities
  • Developing a meaningful relationship with cannabis
  • Implementing CBD and other cannabinoids to manage symptoms

This class is great for those who:

  • Consistently use high THC and are no longer feeling effects
  • Are developing an intolerance to cannabis
  • Are using cannabis as a tool to escape reality
  • Are more dependent on the plant than they want to be
  • Are wanting to cut back and save money
  • Have an unhealthy relationship with the plant


Who We Are

Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN

Megan is owner of Trusted Canna Nurse and is getting a Masters of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics. Megan helps people find quality products to manage symptoms, that include CBD, CBG, and targeted terpenes, so that patients don’t have to rely on such heavy THC.

Ariane Williams, BSN, RN

Ariane is the former owner of The Kind Nurse, and new Director of Patient Care Services with Trusted Canna Nurse. She specializes in helping patients reform their relationship with cannabis. Ariane is getting a Masters of Science in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Like many, Ariane has experienced unintentional use. After navigating her own lived experiences and training on conscious cannabis use, she now supports others in crating more intentional relationships with cannabis.

Brandon Simmons, Pharm D, BCPS

Brandon is a board-certified pharmacist out of Denver. He works with Trusted Canna Nurse on medication interactions, formulations, and he tag teams with Megan during educational sessions to explain how pharmaceuticals work in ways that the lay person can understand. During this session, he’ll explain how long term use of heavy THC can dysregulate the endocannabinoid system and potentially lead to issues.

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