What is Myrcene Terpene? Benefits and What It Does

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Most people who have consumed cannabis products have consumed myrcene terpenes. However, most people who have done this don’t even realize it. Even people who are aware of it often don’t realize what it is or what it does. 

So, what is myrcene terpene, and what does it do? This article will explore the answers to these questions. It will also examine myrcene’s benefits and explain how it can help you.  

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What Is Myrcene Terpene?

Myrcene is a type of terpene. These are compounds within cannabis plants that contribute heavily to the plant’s aroma and, when ingested, its flavor. They also have additional effects when they come into contact with the human body. 

Myrcene has an aroma that is herbal and earthy, with a peppery and spicy twist to it. It is commonly associated with the most basic smell of cannabis. 

This is because myrcene is the most common terpene found in most commercial cannabis today. This means that most cannabis varieties and most cannabis products, like many CBD oils, that you can buy today will contain myrcene. So, when most people think of myrcene specifically, they also think of the smell of cannabis as a whole. 

Myrcene isn’t just found in most cannabis plants; it is just found in high quantities in those plants. Cannabis plants can contain several terpenes. However, not all of them will be obvious based on a surface-level examination. For example, the smell of terpenes like limonene may be lost if they are in lesser quantities or are competing against stronger terpenes. When it comes to myrcene though, it tends to be the dominant terpene and, thus, is immediately noticeable.

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Where Is Myrcene Found?

Myrcene is a natural compound found in cannabis, but it is not limited to cannabis. Because of this, it can be found in cannabis strains and elsewhere. 

Cannabis Strains

As already mentioned, most common cannabis strains contain myrcene. However, there are a few that contain more than others. 

Strains high in myrcene include Blue Dream, Critical Mass, FPOG, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, Harlequin, Mango Puff, Remedy, and Tangie. When looking for strains containing myrcene, a few classifications will clue you in to a high level of the terpene. These include strains listed as indica and sativa. 

Other Substances

While myrcene is a component in many cannabis plants, it is also found naturally in several other places. It is found in high levels in both verbena and wild thyme, where the leaves contain myrcene concentrations as high as 40%. Both of these are used in essential oils as well, with lemon verbena being particularly popular. Myrcene can also be found in lemongrass, cardamom, hops, and even mango. 

Because of its aroma, myrcene can also be found in a number of different perfumes. These take advantage of the fact that myrcene has a pleasing, natural scent. 

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What Are the Mental Benefits of Myrcene?

Most people associate cannabis with relaxation and even with sleep. These effects are produced by the plant as a whole but may be enhanced by myrcene. Over the years, myrcene has gained a reputation for itself as a part of what makes cannabis so relaxing. 

Improved Sleep and Relaxation

Because of this, products often use myrcene to create a relaxing effect. Years and years ago, folk medicines would incorporate myrcene to induce relaxation. These included brewing simple teas with plants packed with myrcene. Now, the methods are more advanced, but the end result is similar. Full-spectrum CBD oils that use myrcene are a common option nowadays and often focus on tranquility and rest. 

Myrcene may also help with sleep. This may seem obvious to some, as relaxation often makes it easier to sleep. One study showed that a high dosage of myrcene prolonged sleep time in subjects by various amounts. 

Reduced Anxiety

Finally, myrcene may help reduce anxiety. Many people report that using it helps them clear their minds from the stress and anxiety that have been plaguing them. Once again, this goes hand in hand with promoting the mind’s ability to relax. 

However, the actual extent of the effects caused by myrcene is unclear. As with many things related to cannabis, testing is still in the early stages when it comes to terpenes. So, medical claims should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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What Are the Physical Benefits of Myrcene?

Though it is most well-known for the feeling of relaxation it produces, the effects of myrcene are not entirely mental. There are a few potential physical benefits as well. Because of this, many people choose to use it in a medicinal context. 

Pain Relief

For one, it is occasionally used as one element of pain relief. This is because myrcene has potential as an anti-inflammatory agent. A lot of common pains are caused by inflammation, so reducing inflammation goes a long way in treating this pain. 

Many elements of cannabis are already being used to treat inflammation and address pain. Specifically, CBD is often thought of as a treatment for inflammation. Since terpenes have the potential to enhance some of the effects created by cannabinoids, pairing myrcene with CBD has a chance at making both more effective at addressing inflammation. For this reason, they are often included together in CBD pain relief products, like CBD gels and CBD oils

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Possible Cancer Prevetion

In addition, some early research suggests that myrcene may be helpful in preventing some cancers. Many terpenes have antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, which are used in the terpene’s role in the immune system of cannabis plants. These effects may play a role in protecting the body from cancerous agents. 

However, like the mental benefits of myrcene, it is important to note that medical studies into the physical benefits of myrcene are early and limited. Some studies have shown positive things, but as of now, there is no conclusive proof of these claims.

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The Impact of Myrcene

If you want to know more about cannabis plants and products made from them, you should know more about myrcene. Understanding this terpene and its potential benefits will let you know what to look for when you are shopping. With this information in mind, you can make a more informed decision than ever before. Related: CBD and Antidepressants: Benefits & Risks

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