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By Janna Champagne, BSN, RN As a holistic nurse who specializes in application of medical cannabis therapy, knowing which formulations are optimal for targeting patient’s health goals comes with the territory. After years of working with thousands of clients using a variety of cannabis products, I began noticing a trend: that the various cannabis products

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What is Limonene Terpene? Effects and Benefits

Limonene is a major type of terpene found in cannabis. Like other terpenes, it contributes a signature aroma when it is used and has a few specific effects. These make limonene a popular choice when seeking out good terpenes.  So, what exactly is limonene, and what does it do? This article will explore some details

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What is Delta-8 THC? Uses, Benefits, Warnings

When people think of THC, they often think that only one variety exists and believe that they fully understand what it is. However, there are four main varieties of THC out there, all of which are different from each other. Many are unaware of the differences and the effects produced by these differences.  One of

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Dropper of CBD oil on a table with a plant stem

CBD Dosage: How Much to Take & Accurately Measure

More and more people are turning to CBD to treat a variety of different issues. However, many of these same people are unsure how much CBD to take. Knowing this and knowing how to measure the dosage accurately is something everyone taking CBD should know.  So, how do you determine these things? Keep reading to

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History of Marijuana policy in the USA

History of Marijuana Policy in the USA: A Summary

Cannabis, or marijuana, has a complicated history in the US. It went from being a completely legal, widely used substance to being condemned by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Since then, this substance has experienced a whirlwind of policy changes.  Marijuana is recreationally legal in the District of Columbia and 21 states as of

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Using delta-9 THC

The Complete Guide to Delta 9 THC

If you’re looking for information on Delta 9 THC, you’ve come to the right place. This post will provide a comprehensive overview of what Delta 9 THC is, what it does, and how you can benefit from it. We’ll also discuss different ways to consume Delta 9 THC and the associated risks and benefits. By

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Several buds of marijuana

THC-V: Everything You Need to Know About “Diet Weed”

Long-time fans of THC products are excited about the potential benefits THC-V offers. THC-V, which stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a type of cannabinoid that’s naturally occurring in small quantities in cannabis plants.  It’s already been proven that certain strains of marijuana can improve symptoms of mental health illnesses, MS, chronic pain, and more. Different cannabinoids

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Can You Be Allergic to Marijuana? Signs & Symptoms

Introduction While most people believe cannabis can be harmless with little to no adverse side effects, there are possibilities of developing an allergic reaction to the plant or one of its components. Recall that cannabis is made of several phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals) which may trigger several interactions in our bodies, including allergies. An allergic reaction

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Science of THC

Science of THC: How Marijuana Affects the Brain & Body

THC is not a bad cannabinoid It’s a myth outside of the cannabis industry that CBD is medicine and THC is not. THC has some incredible medicinal properties, from helping with sleep to killing cancer.  Humans have a complex network of messengers and receptors, called the endocannabinoid system. These messengers and their receptors interact with

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CBD and antidepressants

CBD and Antidepressants: Benefits & Risks

Introduction Want to know if CBD is safe to take while on antidepressants? Find out the latest conclusions. CBD has 65 known targets in the body, including enzymes, transporters, ion channels, and receptors, which is why CBD is therapeutic in so many physical and psychological ways. You’ve been on antidepressants for some time, and you’ve

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Cannabis Nurse: What Are They & What Do They Do?

Cannabis nurses are health care professionals specializing in using cannabis and CBD as treatment options for symptom management. They can help patients find suitable strains and products to meet their needs and offer education on using cannabis safely and effectively. Cannabis nursing is a relatively new field. This post will discuss who cannabis nurses are

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